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Medicare 101: The Basics

Signing up for the right Medicare can be a confusing process as there are multiple different parts that all cover different things. At Medicare Sharks, we strive to be the best Medicare agent in Florida by providing our clients with up-to-date expert advice and extensive product knowledge that helps them make informed decisions. Read through our Medicare basics and contact us with any questions!

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Apply for Medicare

If you’re turning 65 and are already receiving Social Security benefits, then good news! You will automatically get Medicare A and B without having to apply. However, if you’re turning 65 and have to apply for Medicare, give us a call and we’ll be happy to walk you through the application process!

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Part A

Part A of Medicare is hospital insurance and is sometimes called “premium-free Part A” because many people don’t have to pay a monthly premium. If you’re over 65, you became eligible for this Part when you or your spouse paid Medicare taxes for a certain period of time while working.

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Part B

Medicare Part B covers outpatient care, including doctor visits, hospital visits, lab tests, x-rays, and specialist care. If you enroll in Part B when you are eligible there is no premium to pay each month and it typically costs less than $100 per month. Part B also covers the cost of outpatient prescription drugs and will usually be cheaper than using your insurance to get those prescriptions.

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Part C

Medicare Part C, also known as an Advantage Plan, is an alternative to Parts A and B. This plan provides all of your Part A and Part B coverage and can offer extra coverage like vision, hearing, dental, and more. Oftentimes it even offers prescription coverage.

When you need help applying for Medicare, turn to the best-rated Medicare agents in Florida! Medicare Sharks has the knowledge and patience you need to get the coverage that is right for you. Contact us today to get started!