What Are The Risks Of Not Having Medicare? Medicare Coverage / By Medicare Sharks

Medicare is primarily intended for individuals that are retired who need health insurance. It’s an excellent option for those that have lost their employer coverage and want to make sure that they’re saving on medical bills. Many people choose to enroll at the age of 65, which is when most people are first eligible. If you have special needs, then it may be possible for you to enroll in Medicare early.

There are multiple different types of Medicare policies. Which policy you choose will depend on your medical needs, as well as what your budget is. Whether or not you want prescription drug coverage is another important option. If you’re new to Medicare, then it’s important to make sure that you do lots of research about your options. It can also help to speak with an insurance agent, such as those with Medicare Sharks, so that we can give you advice for your specific situation and ensure you get the coverage you need

Medical Bills

The most obvious risk of not having Medicare is high medical bills. If you end up being hospitalized or needing advanced medical care, then it could end up costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Without the right health insurance, medical bills can pose a significant financial threat.

Enrolling in Medicare is a great way to make sure that you don’t become overwhelmed with medical bills. If you’re curious about all the ways that you could save money, then you should make an appointment to speak with a member of our team. We love helping our clients find the right options that fit their budget, so that they can be confident in their policy choices.


When you choose Medicare, you’re gaining access to a wide variety of doctors. From general practitioners to specialists, you can be sure that you’re getting quality care when you have Medicare. Without Medicare, you could be without proper health insurance, and this can lead to some people choosing not to receive specific services for their health because they won’t have the service covered.

However, enrolling in Medicare as soon as you become eligible is the best way to avoid gaps in coverage and get the services you need covered.

Ready to Enroll?

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