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Cigna Medicare Advantage

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What to Know about Cigna Advantage Plans

Your health will forever be your greatest asset. It is the reason Cigna Advantage exists. Cigna advantage plans are a comprehensive health plan built to meet your needs, thus giving you peace of mind and a path to better health. For a long time, Cigna has been known as the world’s leading insurance provider offering Medicare Advantage Plans, also known as Medicare Part C.

Who is Cigna?

It is a private insurance company contracted by the U.S government to provide Medicare plans to the proper beneficiaries.

Pros of Cigna Advantage Plans

  • It provides you with 24/7 telehealth coverage.
  • The plans include wellness advantages such as health-related discounts and gym membership.
  • The plans bundle health care needs, making it easy for the subscribers to work with a single company.

Cons of Cigna Advantage Plans

  • You will most likely not have emergency services and other medical services covered on this plan.
  • It is only available in 27 states.
  • Before you get the coverage, Cigna must approve your care expenses.
  • Even though Cigna Medicare Care Advantage Plans have $0 premiums every month, you will still have other costs that add up, such as copays.

Key Features of Cigna Medicare Advantage Plans 2024

  • The Cigna Medicare Advantage plans 2024 have $0 monthly premiums and provide $0 copays for annual physical examinations with your care providers.
  • These Cigna advantage medicare plans have satisfactory rates from third-party rating agencies like A.M.
  • The Cigna advantage medicare plan provides you with visual, digital, and hearing coverage.

How Does Cigna Medicare Advantage Plans 2024 Work?

Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B cover most but not all your medical plans. However, the Original Medicare coverage lacks out-of-pocket expenses, meaning that if you have a huge medical bill, you are bound to cater for 20% of your medical bills. Luckily, the Cigna Advantage Medicare fill that coverage gap, taking the weight off your shoulders.

  • Cigna Medicare Advantage Providers

    Cigna provides you with three different Cigna Medicare Advantage Plans as indicated here:
    Cigna Medicare Advantage HMO plans allow you to select the beneficiaries within their network. These plans also offer $0 monthly premiums and $0 deductibles, telehealth services, gym membership, vision, and dental coverage.
    Cigna SNPs: It is an HMO plan with extra benefits for people with disabilities and some specific diseases. These plans will give you prescription drug coverage, an individualized program, a case manager, and more benefits. You will come across different SNPs that cater to different needs, including plans for people diagnosed with diabetes.
    Cigna Medicare Advantage PPO plans: You can choose a primary care provider, even those outside your network. This might increase your cost, but it is still worth the trial if you need more choices. It also allows you to seek specialized care without needing a referral.

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