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Humana Plan G

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Humana Plan G: A Detailed Guide

Medicare Supplement or Medigap plans help pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses Original Medicare doesn’t cover, such as deductibles, copays, and coinsurance. These plans are usually offered by private insurers contracted by the federal government.

Humana is one of the leading private health insurers offering Medicare Supplement Plan G — one of the most popular Medigap plans. If you’re considering enrolling in Humana Plan G, read on to discover all the must-know details about Humana Medicare Supplement Plan G.

What Does Humana Medicare Supplement Plan G Cover?

Humana medicare supplement plan G is an excellent option for relatively comprehensive coverage with minimal out-of-pocket costs. Here’s what it covers:

  • All Medicare Part A, B, and C benefits: Plan G covers all the benefits of Plans A, B, and C. These benefits include hospitalization, doctor’s visits, preventive care, and outpatient services.
  • Medicare Part B excess charges: Part B charges are extra charges some healthcare professionals charge above the Medicare-approved amount. Plan G covers Medicare Part B excess charges, meaning you won’t be responsible for paying them to healthcare providers.
  • Overseas travel emergency medical coverage: Plan G pays for emergency treatment abroad within specified plan limits.

However, while Humana Medicare Supplement Plan G offers relatively broad coverage, it doesn’t cover everything. Some out-of-pocket costs you’ll be responsible for include:

  • Part B deductible: You must pay for the yearly Part B deductible before your plan becomes active.
  • Prescription medication copayments: Depending on the drug tier, you may have copays for specific prescription meds.

Generally, Medicare Supplement Plans also don’t cover the following:

  • Routine dental, hearing, and vision care
  • Long-term nursing care
  • Private-duty nursing

Note: Humana offers a high-deductible Plan G option in some states. With the high deductible option, you’ll enjoy lower premiums but a higher deductible. Contact our qualified Medicare agents to find out whether a high-deductible Plan G option is available in your state.

  • What Are the Benefits of Humana Plan G?

    Humana Plan G can relieve the financial burden of medical expenses. Besides this obvious benefit, here are some other benefits of the plan:
    Comprehensive coverage: Plan G offers the best coverage, second only to Plan F
    Vast network of providers: Humana provides access to a wide network of healthcare providers
    Predictable costs: Plan G will help you plan your healthcare expenses since you’ll know your Part B deductible.

  • Is Humana Plan G Right for You?

    Humana Plan G is a comprehensive plan that can relieve you from the financial burden of paying for medical expenses like coinsurance, copays, and deductibles. It’s also an excellent plan if you need to receive treatment above the Medicare-approved amount.
    However, while Plan G offers broad coverage, it doesn’t cover prescription meds. You will still need a separate Medicare Part D plan for prescription medication. Additionally, Plan G monthly premiums are higher than other Medicare Supplement plans, so if you’re looking for an affordable option, you may want to explore other plans.
    Want more information about Humana Plan G or other Humana Medicare Supplement plans? Contact us today, and one of our Medicare experts will help you choose the plan that’s best for you.