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Humana Dental Insurance for Seniors: A Detailed Guide

When thinking about getting health insurance in retirement, you probably think about getting it to cover major medical expenses like inpatient hospital stays, prescription meds, and emergency treatments. Sure, these expenses can burn a hole in your pocket if you don’t have health insurance, but sometimes, even things that seem innocuous can dent your finances — like a simple toothache.

In your senior years, you may be more prone to dental issues that compromise oral health due to conditions like bone density loss, arthritis, and dry mouth. Additionally, certain prescription medications may affect your oral health.

Unfortunately, Original Medicare doesn’t cover dental services like checkups, cleanings, fillings, and other dental procedures. Fortunately, several dental insurance options for seniors can cover dental services. Here, we’ll explore the various plans of Humana dental insurance for seniors to help you choose a suitable one.

Types of Humana Dental Plans for Seniors

There are various Humana dental plans for seniors, catering to different needs, budgets, and preferences. These plans include:

  • Medicare Advantage plans with dental coverage
  • Supplemental dental insurance plans
  • Stand-alone dental plans
  • Humana Extend Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans with Dental Coverage

Many private insurers typically don’t offer Medicare Advantage plans with dental coverage. Unlike other private insurance companies, Humana offers routine dental coverage with all its Medicare Advantage plans. Some of the dental benefits that come with Humana Dental Medicare Advantage plans include:

  • Annual checkups
  • Two free cleanings yearly
  • Dental x-rays once every five years
  • Supplemental Dental Insurance Plans

    Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans provide basic dental coverage. If you have a Humana Medicare Advantage plan and want to extend your dental coverage, pairing your plan with a supplemental dental insurance plan can unlock additional benefits like:
    Simple extractions
    Oral surgery
    Root canals
    Stand-Alone Dental Plans
    Humana offers various dental plans separate from Medicare, providing coverage for preventive care, basic services, and complex procedures. However, premiums and coverage vary widely across states, so contact us to speak to one of our Medicare experts to learn more about the stand-alone Humana dental medicare plans in your area.

  • Humana Extend Plans

    Humana also offers all-in-one plans that combine dental, vision, and hearing benefits into one package. Also known as DVH plans, Humana offers these plans in three tiers: 1250, 2500, and 5000, with increasing premiums and benefits depending on the tier.
    The Humana Extend 1250 plan offers the most basic coverage and includes dental benefits like preventive dental care, basic procedures, major procedures, and whitening.
    Meanwhile, the Humana Extend 2500 plan includes all the dental benefits of the 1250 plan, plus implants.
    Finally, the Humana Extend 5000 plan offers the broadest coverage, providing all the dental benefits of the 2500 plan, plus other perks like higher allowances for certain procedures.
    However, plan availability and pricing vary across states. Contact us at 561-90-SHARK to find out whether Humana offers the plan you’re considering in your area.

  • Select a Suitable Humana Dental Insurance For Seniors

    Each of these Humana dental plans for seniors has something unique to offer. So, when choosing one of these plans, consider your health needs, budget, and preferences.
    And if you’re still unsure which humana dental medicare plan is right for you, check out our guide on how to choose a plan or our FAQ page for tips on selecting an appropriate health insurance plan.