What are Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug Plans)?

  • Helps lower the cost of prescription drugs
  • Offered by insurance companies that are approved by Medicare

Which Drug Plan Is Right For Me?

  • The drug plan with the lowest premium does not necessarily equate to lowest annual total cost
  • Medicare Sharks will help you find the best drug plan that fits your needs and budget according to your specific prescription drug list
  • Every drug plan has a different premium along with a deductible and copays
  • Each drug plan has a different list of drugs that are covered under their “Formulary & Tiers”
  • Your actual drug plan costs will vary depending on factors such as the drugs you use, the plan you choose, the pharmacy you use, whether the drugs you use are on your plan’s formulary, etc.
  • Call Medicare Sharks to discuss your regular prescription list and we will do a quick-search to compare every drug plan’s formulary to find the best overall option that will provide the lowest annual total cost.

Let Medicare Sharks do the hard work for you!


How Do I Reduce My Drug Costs?

  • Talk to your doctor about prescribing lower cost alternatives when possible.
  • Use generics and over-the-counter options as an alternative to brand name medications.
  • Use your plan’s preferred pharmacy network or use your plan’s mail-order pharmacy and refill medications for a 90-day supply.
  • Use free discount program cards/coupons such as
  • Research a specific drug manufacturer’s Prescription Assistance Program

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